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The Incredible Sleeping Woman

I got sent home from work this morning. I don't think I was trusted to control a class of thirty 14-year-olds in my current state (i.e. still completely spaced out).

As I have this major presentation due on the 22 February I actually thought it would be a good thing, but I only managed to work on it until 11am and then fall asleep... until 7pm. WTF?! I now have that crappy feeling you get when you sleep in your clothes. It's going to be interesting trying to sleep tonight!

I started watching a not completely legal copy of The Lovely Bones earlier, but couldn't watch past the first forty minutes. I think because the book is so disturbing and beautiful and heart breaking, reading it was such a personal experience and seeing the characters and events on screen just felt so wrong.

*Pokes Blog*

Yo, if anyone has stuck with this blog and not deleted from your flist... thanks!

The reason I have been away? Well, several. In a nutshell: suspected cancer* (woot!), many post-graduate interviews to prepare for (woot woot!) and, to top it off, moving house, taking a second job (bar work yo!), and generally having to return to the academic circuit with lots of presentations etc. meant that I seriously slacked on the blog over the past few months.

So, I can't say for certain that I'm back regularly, but I'm aiming to post at least once a week and to comment on my flist where and when I can.

To kick off my return, I bring to you a fantabulous recipe that I really think you should try. It's the only thing I will renege on my 'no grain' policy for!

Chilli sausage and rocket risottoCollapse )

*final biopsy was today, I will know in a couple of weeks whether I'm cancer-fied or not... fingers crossed!

What what!

I am writing this update not because I feel I ought to, having been awol from LJ for a while, and not because I have just moved into a new house in a new town and want to tell you all about it; and I'm certainly not writing this update to share some funny/deep youtube clip as is often my wont.

No, I'm writing an update today to let you know that I have just got tickets to see Muse play at Wembley stadium! Mwhahaha it's mother fucking MUSE I'm talking about. Cannot. Wait. Only about ten months to go... :(


Yo, sorry I have been AWOL for a week or so from LJ, I've been so busy with teaching and house hunting and stuff. I aim to catch up over the next day or so... watch this space! :)

Even I don't understand me sometimes...

Ok, this is what is going on and please tell me if I'm being a total pissy bitch for nothing or not (I suspect I am).

One of my friends - let's call her Sassy Sue* - invited me on a road trip this weekend to go and visit a mutual friend who we shall call Dopey Dora.

Anywhoo, I told Sassy Sue I would go and pretended to be all excited even though I can't really afford to be going on random trips and also Dopey Dora is really really dopey and it drives me absolutely insane. In other words I wasn't looking forward to this weekend at all.

But... last week Sassy Sue broke up with her long-term (long-distance) boyfriend, erm... Doofy Dan, because she was being needy and he was being a giant doofus. So he called her this week begging another chance and then she said 'ok let's see each other this weekend and try and work things out'.

So Sassy Sue has cancelled a weekend away with her girlfriends so she can spend time with Doofy Dan, which on the one hand I should be pleased about because it means not spending money I really don't have and not having to pretend to not want to strangle Dopey Dora, but actually I'm sitting here feeling really crap at the moment and kind of mad at Sassy Sue.

What is going onnnnn?

*Actors' names have been changed.

Cool Story Bro'

Today I drank a litre of coke and two espressos and then went to the gym...


Really LJ? Really?!

Me logging on to LJ this morning... :D

Me reading the first few posts on my flist... :)

Me getting to the womenshealth post about the stringy hymen vag... :o

Me getting to the sf_drama post about the spaghetti menstrual blood 'incident'... D: D: D: D: D: D:

REALLY LJ????? While I'm eating?????

I ♥ Half-Term

It's five-thirty on a Sunday and I'm already having a vodka-riffic evening. Why? Because there is no mother-fucking school tomorrow! ♥ half-term.

Went running outside today for the first time in about three months. It's weird; most people find treadmill running easier than outdoor running because the belt propels you forward, but I am completely the opposite. I find myself watching the clock on the treadmill and boredom draws my attention to being tired/sore so I give up quicker. I find that the time seems to fly when I'm running outside and I keep nice and cool. But I miss not being able to perve on the cute gym instructors when I run outside, so... yeah, still not moving completely to outdoors running!

This week my goals are to read War & Peace, meet up with various friends and just chill. I have been invited to Prague for a few days but I have no money at the moment so might not go. Bah. :(